Saturday, April 21, 2012

Break the Silence!

Hello friends,

I am sorry to have been gone for so long but work has gotten extremely busy.  After a 12+ hour days 7 days a week, its hard to muster any creativity or the willpower to write about it.

Rest assure, I have been working on Taipan, however slow, and I am happy to say that this week I am expecting my first demo copy of Taipan to get here from The Game Crafter.
The Game Crafter store has several of these images highlighting several aspects of Taipan.
Once I have proofed the Demo copy I will open the store up for anyone who wants to grab a copy.  The game still needs some play testing so I don't recommend getting the regular version ($59.99) and instead should get the Tester version ($34.99).  I do not make much money off of these (about $4). This is just intended as an easy way to deliver the game to players who are interested in doing some play testing.

I will have a Box Opening post some time next week when Taipan gets here.  Hope you can come by and check it out.