Monday, May 13, 2013

Unity 3D Class

I have been taking an online class for Unity 3D.  One of the other students asked me to shoe them how I did something in Unity and their Project Information section is not a convenient place to put a bunch of screen shots and info without making a big mess of my page.  So for lack of a better option I am going to place it here on my Blog.

SkillShare Class: Week 2
Here we have an arial view of my Scene.  I only decorated the area that the camera would be showing the player.  The Soldiers that run by the camera are done in the worst way possible!  To save time since I was so late to make the project deadline, I just duplicated him a bunch of times and lined them all up into the distance.  If you wait long enough, they will run out and stop walking by.  Next time I will figure out how to make the Soldiers die off screen and respawn and then I would only need 5-6 of them rather than 20.

Here is the FMS of the Clock. I have 4 directional lights (3 are turned off) for Dawn, Noon, Dusk, and Evening. When the Clock first is set, it is at Dawn and it sits and waits for a MOUSE CLICK.  The iTweenRotate is set to rotate to the position of the current light, in this case the Light_Dawn.

Now that I have learned about how the Variables work (from Week 3 of the class) I think I would have used a Color Ramp and stored the Color Variable, then used that with the Set Color.  This would have created a smooth blend of color instead of the harsh pop.

 The scaling of the rock was a little tricky.  I have an empty FMS that waits for a MOUSE CLICK.  Clicking it goes to the next state where it will shrink to a scale of 0 over 3 seconds.  It will then wait for 5 seconds before going to the next State where it will grown then then return to the Wait for Mouse Click state.

First off...this is all fakery! The King is not really "Walking"...he is playing an animation and he is moving, but its just an illusion.  The King is already set up to use all of his animations so when you use the Play Animation Action, you are given a list that you want to run.  I couldn't figure out how to make the Animation Loop, so I just had two FMS Nodes that bounced back and forth to each other.  Then I just set the Controller Simple Move to a point in space off the screen to the Right and kept adjusting the speed so his feet didn't slide.

And here is the final scene with the Clock set to Noon.  I also played around with the Screen Shake so when you press the space bar the screen will shake...also there is a tree that is not labeled that will shake and play a sound when you click on it.

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