Sunday, January 29, 2012

Taipan is still here...just barely!

Things are moving along very slowly.  Work has kept me busy and I have had several setbacks with the cards and data sets.  There wasn't much point in posting till I had some good progress to report.  Sadly this is a report on how little progress I have made.
My ship was nearly sunk by adding all this art!  As cool as it can be RESIST!
On my last post about Taipan I showed off the new art I had been doing and trying my damnedest to dissuade you from following in my footsteps.  DO NOT DO ANY ART until the game is done.  Remember that mantra I was chanting a few weeks ago?  Well, doing art continues to take a big wet bite out of my ass.  In the process of making images I could post for you all to see, I saved on of my more complex Data Set images into a single layer JPEG.  What does this mean?  I will have to rebuild that file from scratch.

Since I had a free weekend (the first in almost a Month) I thought I would have an opportunity to finally print the new cards with all the new art.  Sadly this will not be the case.  I have been finding lots of little problems with the Data Sets since adding the Art References and now I will have to rebuild the City Modifier Event Cards.  It brings up one more good point about not doing the art yet.  Its one more moving piece that you have to get lined up with all the others.  It adds another layer of complication to your design process and just gets in the way of making the fun.
Sailing once again.  I will have more news soon.
I hope to have good news in the coming week.

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