Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Its been way too long

After working way too many hours at work, I lost a lot of my momentum in working on Taipan.  In an attempt to regain some of my Mojo I have started working on some of the changes that I have been meaning to do since my last play test over a month ago.

The first change is to reduce the number of Combat Cards from 32 to 12.  This is an attempt to fix the issue where players can get screwed when one player can have a bad round of combat leaving the Combat cards in the favor of the following players to do combat with little worry of loosing

I am slowly working on building a new Victory point system.  When players turn in cargo they will have a choice to collect Coins they can use to buy more cargo or upgrade their ship, or they can receive a victory point card based on the number of a specific cargo type delivered.

For example: If you deliver 3 Silk Cargo Cubes you may choose to receive the Coins you would normally receive or you may take the single 3 Silk Victory Card.

I still haven't figured out how to trigger the end of the game.  I am thinking it will be the depletion of some or all of the Victory Cards.  In the mean time here is what the Victory Cards look like:


  1. The graphics for this are amazing. The development has come a long way and I am anxious to try out the new combat system. Bryan

  2. Hey Bryan. Yeah, sorry I didn't make it over after the movie, I wasn't in the mood for a loud restaurant on a Saturday night. By the time you all were done I was tired and didn't want to go back out.

    The combat system isnt new, just streamlined. The Victory stuff is new, and based on the play though last Thursday, still need more work.