Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Taipan sales and new Link

I have just made a few minor changes to the Description section of Taipan in the Store to help point players to the two different versions of Taipan on the Game Crafter.

Taipan: Merchants of the Far East
This is the full version that has higher quality parts, a 10'x10' box and divider to help keep the parts organized.  There are also high quality Micro Cards to represent money and Cubes to represent Cargo.

This is the less expensive Play Test Version.   There is no box or divider.  Coins are represented by Paper Money and Cargo is represented by Plastic Poker Chips.
I have also added an Image of Taipan in the upper right of my Blogg.  You can direct link to Taipan in the Game Crafter store by clicking the image.  Please share the links with your friends and help support the Play Test of Taipan.

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