Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New Resource Art and New Games!

I havent had a lot of free time this week, work has been very busy, but I did get to work a little on some my Resource Art for Taipan. 
I am not to happy with the Gun Powder Barrel.  I lost track of what I was doing and ended up with something more detailed and less cartoony than I was originally going for.  You can see how the Rock and the Gold Coins are limited to about 4-6 colors, but the Barrel uses lots of blended colors, stippled shading, etc.  The only part I did correctly was the Black Powder at the top of the barrel. I will go back and redo it when I have the time.

On a side note, and completely unrelated to my game, my friend Bryan just took a bulk order of games from all of our friends to get them at a discounted price.  I put in a request and have these games on the way:

I am very excited to try Mansions of Madness but, if I had half a brain, I should have also got Merchants and Marauders.  Seeing that I am working on a similar type of game, having that on hand as reference might have been a good idea.  Oh well, maybe for Christmas.  =)


  1. Strange, for some reason the last paragraph was in the wrong font color so it was almost invisible. Then I made a mistake and removed the post. Sorry for those of you that got the double post message.

  2. I've been reading good things about Mansions of Madness. I'm particularly intrigued by the puzzle elements.

  3. Yeah, I have been hearing some good things about it and wanted to check it out. The chance to get it for $40 was too good of a deal to pass up. =)