Thursday, November 10, 2011

All Card Sheets are done!

Finally...I have finished getting all the cards moved onto Sheets so I can print them out and cut them to fit inside Card Sleeves.  I do this on paper to save money during the prototyping stage.  I have a bunch of old cards from another game in sleeves that I slide the paper print of the cards over.  This gives the paper cards weight and makes it easier to shuffle not to mention you can't see through the back of the sleeve to see whats on the paper.

Once I am ready to move on to a better version of the game I will go to Game Crafter and have a v. 1.0 printed on real card stock, a thicker game board, and OK game parts.  Game Crafter is not bad, but they are a business and their goal is to print what you want as cheaply as possible, so I don't think the quality of what they make is very good.  But for a version 1.0 prototype, its great.  Im still a ways away from that though, I still need to make this version, play it at least 4-6 times, fix as many problems, then I can print a good version of the game.  I am guessing sometime around Christmas will be when I am ready to do that.

Their website is not easy to navigate, but here is the link to Game Crafter.  You can get started making your own games under the "Publish" section:

Next post I should have pictures of the game fully set up with all the parts.  I am positive I will have to fix lots of somthings, so this is still just the beginning.  Stay tuned!

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  1. Hehe....I guess I got a bit ambitious thinking the next post I would have pictures of the Game all set up. I have been working late and various distractions have slowed my progress on getting the game parts together. I will have it this weekend for sure.