Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dropping the Anonymous

This is a rare post where I am not talking about Game Design.  It is worth noting that I have removed my anonymous name 'War Prime' in exchange for my real name.

On one hand its great to have the anonymity to talk about stuff without having to worry about people calling you on your bullshit.  But its also important to note that if people don't know who you are they can't easily relate to you and can easily dismiss what you say.  They will read your shielded scribblings and forget about it by the time they are on to the next Blog Post in a long line of feeds they are going to hit over their morning coffee and scone.

I feel that I have always been very self conscious about what I say when it comes to writing.  Especially emails.  It is well documented that I have very poor grammer and worse spelling...or is it the other way round? I guess that is why I have often found writing behind an anonymous name to be easier.  I can slough off the jibs about my dubious use of the english language and just focus on writing.  Well no more...

I cast off the shackles of fear and disregard the knot in my stomach telling me to delete this message and reset the Blogger Profile back to War Prime.  I reveal myself bare, and stride forth, confident and unapologetic.

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