Sunday, November 27, 2011

A week of gaming!

Over the Thanksgiving Holiday I had friends and coworkers over for Board Games almost every day since Wednesday.  I made every attempt to take pictures of the games we played.

Day 1 (Wednesday)
Kannon brought Agricola.  We had two players who had never played so I recommended that we play the family version (a version I had never played before).  Kannon destroyed all of us, but it was a great game and I think everyone had a good time.  Agricola is a very long game so we only got to play the one game that day.  
Nearing the end of the game and I still don't see that Kannon is going to win. 
From left to right: Ashley, Anthony, Kannon 

Day 2 (Friday)
Kannon, Ryan, and Avalos came over and we got to play several games that day.  We got to play the Reiner Knizia game Ilium, Bohnanza (forgot to take pictures of this one), and lastly we played Endeavor.

 Ilium. is a Archeology game gathering the most artifacts from a Dig Site.
I swept in from last place to win the game at the last minute.
Ryan has been obsessed with Endeavor lately so we played that. I lost!
Left to Right: Avalos, Kannon, and Ryan.

Day 3 (Saturday)
Kannon and Avalos came over again and my friend CW stopped by for a short while to show off the first print copy of his self published game "Dragon Valley".

I will cover this in a new Blog Post since we played my first real play test of my game Taipan.  That will need a lot more room to talk about everything that happened with that.

I will add that after Taipan we got to play Mission:Red Planet and everyone really enjoyed that game.  One of the designers of Red Planet is the same one who made Citadels.

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