Monday, November 28, 2011

Dragon Vally visits me...

I am good friends with indi-board game designer CW Karsens of Diamond K. Games.  He has some of his games up on The Game Crafter where you can buy them now.  Most recently he got his game Dragon Valley funded through Kickstarter and has been keeping me up to date with the latest news.

On Saturday, CW stopped by my house to show me the very first Print of his game Dragon Valley, fresh of the plane from China.  He took some time to hang out and talk about Dragon Valley with some of my friends from work who were there helping me test my game Taipan.
CW showing off the box of his game Dragon Valley.
We talked about Field Hospital, the first game of CW's that I played, it's a lot of fun.  Mystic Cauldron, a great connect 3/tic-tac-toe type game with very deep strategy.  Trifectus (never released to buy), a Rock, Paper, Scissors game of the rise of the Roman Empire.  But mostly we talked about Dragon Valley.  Sadly CW could not stay to test Taipan with us, but he has promised that we will get together some time soon to do some play testing.

From Board Game Geek:
"Times are dire here around Dragon Valley. We're fighting off waves of orc armies, goblin war machines and even the flying lizards themselves. For now the mountain pass remains secure but our scouts have reported large gatherings in the valley and we're expecting a full scale assault before the season's end. If that wasn't enough to worry about, our neighbors are also preparing for war and petitioning the king for his troops and supplies which are already spread thin. It seems you'll not only be fighting a war of steel, but one of words as well."
Dragon Valley is a great game that has elements of Tower Defense.

Game Play:
Players take turns dividing items such as knights and archers, building materials for blacksmith shops and towers, special powers and even attackers. The attackers consist of dragons, orcs and battering rams that emerge from mountain passes into each player's lands. After dividing, other players select the group of items they prefer and leave the remainder with the player who did the dividing. After that, players use special cards to interfere with each others plans. The last step each round is for players to setup defenses, destroy the attackers or laying siege on the orc strongholds scattered throughout Dragon Valley.

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