Thursday, November 10, 2011

Support the small Developers

Making video games is hard work, its expensive, and if done well can make a ton of money.  Making board games is largely a labor of love, its a ton of hard work, and doesnt pay the bills. The one upside to making Board Games is that its cheep and a single person can build a game without much help if he has all the tools and skills needed.

My good friend CW is one of those people.  He just got his game funded on Kick Starter and the first production run of his upcoming game Dragon Vally is coming soon. I am asking all my friends to support the little guy and buy Dragon Vally.  CW is a great guy who is one of the most prolific designers I have ever met.  His designers are always solid and a lot of fun.

Of the games you can find on his web site I can highly recommend Dragon Vally, Field Hospital, and Magic Caldron.  Here is the link to his site:


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