Sunday, November 13, 2011

A second play test...

I woke up early and got a chance to play another quick run though of the rules.  Each time you do this you find problems, areas that could be clarified, and parts missing.

This time I added a few minor changes to try and streamline the City Cargo Production and introduce more pirate conflict.  I ended up finding several other problems.  Each play though is one step closer to smoothing out the problems so you can do a real play test with friends.

Adding a Pirate Draw Phase at the End Turn helped to make the map feel dangerous.  During a combat I realized I didn't have any rules or pricing for removing damage from pirates.  I also found a problem in my Pricing Value of Cargo.
Notice the Red Markers showing where Pirates have been spotted.
I also found that I need to create a Turn Order Card to help quickly reference what I do next.  When I am playing, making notes, and updating the rules as I play, I loose track of what I was doing last.

My City Cards need Production Chevrons to show which Cargos produce each turn.  Its just a visual marker to quickly identify the Cargo types that need to be updated at the end of each turn.  Its hard to see, but I drew small upward arrow over the positive Production Bars.  You can see the bottom most card has a small black arrow over the Gold Production.

I think the next play session should go even better.  I might even get through more that 3-5 turns before stopping to make big changes.  =)


  1. Looks like a great game! Looking forward to trying it sometime!

  2. Hey man,

    Yeah well....Everything is cool except I am not liking the way City Merchandise is working. I am going to rebuild it this week and hope to have it ready for Playtesters to look at it starting next week.