Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Board Game Design Month (aka. NaGa DeMon)

In the mid 2000s I started working on my own board games with a friend back in California.  It was fun but didn't go very far. A lack of understanding about how board games were made and a lack of time eventually got in the way.  I shelved the board game ideas and eventually forgot about them.

When I moved to Texas in early 2010 my girlfriend discovered the Dallas Designers, a Board Game Designers Group (DDG), on  I joined the group and first started helping them test their games.  Before long I started making some games and having them help me to test the prototypes I built.  After a few false starts, I did complete one game.

About 7 months ago, one of the members of DDG started going down the path of getting one of his games published.  We all stopped working on our games to help him get his ready for printing.  This coupled with the founding member of DDG moving to Florida last month  led to the DDG not meeting or working on any games.

Yesterday a friend from DDG sent out the link for NaGa DeMon:
National Game Design Month is about making and playing games. In 2011 during the month of November I want You to create and play your own boardgame, RPG, flash computer game, choose-your-own-adventure book, wargame, cardgame or other destracting novelty. The rules are simple – create, write and play (at least once) a game during the month.
This has prompted me to get back into making board games for myself.  I am going to use this month to start a new game project.  I started a game last month, spending a few days writing up some ideas and printed out a first pass as some cards.  Unfortunately, I left the cards on the couch and my monster of a dog decided the cards would be much better with a bunch of teeth marks punctured through them.

While it's not quite square one, I am going to use the remnants of that game to build a new game for the NaGa DeMon challenge.  I am going to change game setting and some of the mechanics, so hopefully that will be good enough for the contest (not like there are judges anyway).

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